10 Frugal Hobbies That Will Actually Make Money


10 Frugal Hobbies That Will Actually Make Money

Today’s post is from regular contributor, Tyler Philbrook. Enjoy!

Every day people search for ways to make money, yet they are unaware, or unsure how to make money with the hobbies they already do.

Here are a list of 10 hobbies that won’t cost you much to start, but could make a nice amount of side income.

1. Sewing

There was a time when sewing was common knowledge. Growing up,anytime anything broke, if Mom couldn’t sew it back together than Nana could – and with a large family of all boys there were lots of clothes that needed repair.

Those skills are rare today, and people will pay for them. This article shows how to grow this hobby into income.

Editor’s note – I made some Tour De France bunting a couple of years ago and made a nice profit. Sewing flags and bunting for celebration events can prove to be extremely profitable!

2. Crochet and Knitting

Along with sewing, we grew up with someone who was always knitting, whether that be a scarf, a blanket, or anything else. It seemed that someone was always hard at work. This hobby costs very little, just the cost of the knitting needles and yarn. You can make money using this process here.

3. Baking

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies? I know that I have at times bribed my coworkers by simply agreeing to make a batch of delicious cookies. For those of you who love to bake like me, this article will get you started.

4. Drawing or Painting

This is something that I have never been good at but so many of my friends and family excel at. It’s also something that you can make some extra cash with. If you have artistic skills and would like to learn how to make some extra income check out this post / video about enjoying your art, and make some money with it at the same time.

5. Teaching or Playing Music

I wanted to learn how to play the piano and found that the lessons would cost $50 for only 30 minutes. Just for fun I asked how much a lesson for a saxophone (an instrument I play well) would be and was quoted the same price.

It was then that I got the idea of tutoring on the saxophone. Even though I’ve never tried this, it’s still a great way to make some money and keep up with your own musical talents. See this teacher of 40 years give away how she got started and how you can too.

6. Be a Magician

Who isn’t intrigued by a magician when they see them? And some kids really do get to grow up to live their dream of becoming one. Some of us though will just learn a few tricks that may impress young kids at birthday parties and the like. If that’s you, then your hobby could make you some extra money, check out this post to find out more.

7. Metal Detecting

For a small start up fee, you could turn a hobby that helps you get into shape into something that feels more like a treasure hunt. If you’re interested in getting started check out this tutorial.

8. Photography

If you’re any good with a camera then the possibilities are truly endless. From stock photography to wedding photography, you could turn your hobby into cash. If you have ever thought about this then read how here.

9. Dog Walking or Sitting

My wife and I would love to have a dog, but aren’t allowed to where we live. So we borrow other people’s dogs so we can kind of get our fix (we do the same thing with kids too but that’s a whole other story).

If you like the idea of this, then you can actually turn your love of animals into something that can make you an income. Check out this Forbes article on how to cash in on people’s love for dogs.

10. Shopkicks

This is my wife’s hobby that makes her some money; she scans things at stores with this app and gets walk in “kicks” or points. She uses these “kicks” to get gift cards. For example she’s been able to buy tupperware and curtains with these, saving us nearly $200 hundred dollars. Go here for a step by step guide.


With so many possibilities out there, we can find a hobby that we enjoy… something we look forward to doing. At the same time, we can help our bank account get just a little bit larger. If none of these 10 ideas seem practical to you, then check out this article right here on the blog, with 101 ways to make money at home.

It is possible to make money with your frugal hobbies and it’s possible to enjoy yourself while making money. With these tips you can do it!

What hobbies do you enjoy that have the potential of earning money?


Author Bio: Tyler Philbrook runs the blog I Am The Future Me. He talks about his journey from $29,000 in debt to becoming financially independent by cutting costs, making more money, and making good financial decisions.

10 Frugal Hobbies That Will Actually Make Money

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